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Not just laptop batteries, but a full line of chargers, ac adapters, car cords, international power adapters and other accessories necessary to keep your life fully powered. Not just the common brands, like Toshiba, Dell, IBM, Apple or Compaq, but also for Twinhead, CTX, Winbook, Zenith and many more.

Outdoor Enthusiasts now carries batteries for common outdoor equipment such as Dog Collars, Lanterns, Game Feeders and more. 

For cellular phones, we not only carry long life batteries, but slim & vibrating batteries, antennas, wall & desktop chargers, hands-free kits, belt clips, face plates, leather cases and other accessories that keep you connected. You'll find the popular Motorola, Nokia, or Nextel along with Qualcomm, Mitsubishi and others.

To capture life's greatest moments, you not only need our powerful batteries for your camcorder, but chargers, car cords, carrying cases, lenses, tripods and belt packs. All these for the top sellers like Sony, Sharp, Canon, JVC and also for others like RCA, GE, Sears, Panasonic and more.
two-way radio batteries and accessoriesIn today's mobile world, you need batteries, belt clips, chargers, analyzers and conditioners for your handheld and two-way radios. We have these items for Motorola, Kenwood, GE/Ericsson, Maxon, Icom, and more brands of communication radios.
While these are our most popular devices, is a complete power provider for cordless phones, digital cameras, medical equipment, automotive, marine and many more found in the device list on the left.

alkaline batteriesIf you are looking for universal batteries such as AAA, 6V and sealed lead acid, or for chargers, UPS units, and power inverters then browse our product listing on the right.

When you have the original battery or part cordless phone batteriesnumber, you can do a Power Search to find our replacement for it. You can also do a Power Search on your specific model. If you still can't find what you are looking for, contact us for personalized assistance from our battery professionals. offers you nothing but the highest quality, brand new, fully warranted products. No second quality, stock rotates, or passing off refurbs as new. See Info Central for all the details.

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